Sunday, September 27, 2009


The final volume in Cornelia Funke's trilogy offered everything that I could hope for. It was a great conclusion to the wonderful story that began on a dark night when three people were pulled from a book into our world. The story continues in the Inkworld as the night gets treacherously darker. The poor are oppressed more than ever and fear lives in the hearts of the people. Their only ray of hope is the White and Black hand of justice. The Bluejay and Black Prince live as gloriously as Robin Hood and his merry men, robbing from the rich to feed the poor. But their charade is quickly put to an end when the Piper, the silver-nosed villain, comes to the village and threatens to take away all the children to work in the deadly mines unless the Bluejay surrenders himself to the law.

Meggie and those she holds dear to herself are suddenly thrown in the face of danger again. More than ever loyalties are tried and tested. Betrayal roams among them like a deadly shark and they never know where it will strike. Who can be trusted? Does anything in this world really exist, or is it all just made of ink? At what point does someone's personal life become more important than the person's obligation? Or does it? Such questions are thoroughly explored throughout the book. It is masterfully written and extremely captivating. I would love to shake Cornelia Funke's hand and congratulate her for a very fine piece of work.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


After reading Cornelia Funke's Inkheart, which I loved (in case you couldn't tell from my earlier blog), I had to read the rest of the trilogy. This book was better, if that's possible, than Inkheart. It explored so many issues!!! What is real and what isn't? What are the limits for abusing power? Are our roles pre-determined, or do we choose what roles we will play in life? What is the true meaning of sacrifice? Where does dedication end?

I won't spoil too much, but read the following at your own risk.

After being pulled into our world, Dustfinger finally finds a way back into the world of Inkheart, which is sometimes called the Inkworld. He leaves behind Farid, which makes him disappointed, but he is soon able to adapt into what he thought would be his normal life. But, to his dismay, a lt has happened as a result of his, Capricorn's, and Basta's disappearance ten years earlier. Even one of his daughters has died.

His life only gets more complicated when Meggie reads herself and Farid into the Inkworld, and later when the Magpie and Basta bring Mo and Resa into the Inkworld. The Magpie shoots Mo and leaves him for dead. Fenoglio tries to write everything back in order, only to have everything take a turn for the worst as they face a greater threat than Capricorn ever was. Friendships are tested as they must face death itself to save everything that means the most to them.

I became so involved with this book that I had to stop reading it at night or else I didn't sleep well and just dreamt that I was in the story. When I finally finished the book, I was so sad that I had tears in my eyes. I wish I could thank Cornelia Funke in person for such a wonderful book!