Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn

The first book took place primarily in the Magic Kingdom. This book ventures into the Animal Kingdom. Suffering a setback in the first book, the Overtakers are determined to foil Walt Disney's plans and ruin the Kingdom Keepers forever. The Overtakers are using the Kingdom Keepers' own technology against them; they have created DHIs of their own. The boundary between real and imaginatory is more difficult than ever before. Worse--if the Kingdom keeprs fall asleep, they can be captured by the Overtakers and trapped forever.

Finn and his friends must recruit the help of the mysterious Amanda to save the parks from their deadliest threat ever. But why is she so mysterious? What secret is she hiding? Who is she? As if their predictment was not already bad, Wayne has gone into hiding and can interact only a little with them.

The Kingdom Keepers must act on blind faith, skill, and wits. They must battle exhaustion. They must battle the invisible. If they do not act fast, the Overtakers will awaken the most terrible villain Walt Disney ever created--the all-powerful Chernabog!