Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Through Clouds and Sunshine

Through Clouds and Sunshine by Don J. Black is similar to the previous book I read. The difference is that this book is a collection of letters the author wrote to various people. Sometimes the letters were a solicited request, and sometimes he wrote them because he felt the need to communicate an important item to somebody.

The letters were written to specific people in specific situations. Some were to counsel and warn certain people before falling into very serious sins. Others were comfort and encouragement for people who had already fallen. No matter what, each of the letters can be applied to anyone in a similar situation. The letters don't pull any punches and tell things exactly as they are.

This book didn't grab me as a reader as much as the last one did, but that is probably because the topics of the letters didn't fit my current situation. That being said, I can still see it being useful for anyone wondering how to help a loved found in the same situations as those who were the recipients of these letters. Don Black knows how to speak the truth, but also how to do so in a loving way that let's the person know he genuinely cares.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Students, My Friends

I was pretty sure I had already read the entire book The Students, My Friends by Don C. Black before, but I decided to read it again just to know for sure. I must have read it before because I remembered almost every part of the book, including the end. But it was still good to read again and I found it uplifting. Don Black is quite a guy!

Brother Black was a seminary teacher who did more than just teach in the classroom. He also worked with youth and especially worked to help them overcome drug problems. His book is actually selections from his personal diary over the course of one year. I was amazed to read about the heartaches and triumphs he experienced as he helped various youth. It wasn't easy, and sometimes he wanted to just give up and walk away from it all. But he didn't. His testimony was so solid and so sure that he was able to continue.

This book reminds the reader of the reality of the adversary and how hard he is really working on everybody to get them to fall. Nobody is safe from temptation. But this book also strengthens testimony in the reality of the Spirit, the atonement, and the power of prayer. Light is so much stronger than darkness and will always prevail. These reminders are good, and they encourage the reader to continue through trying times by holding fast to the iron rod.