Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Search for the Red Dragon

The series continues in a spectacular sequel to the first book. A single act, with little thought behind it, leads to a catastrophe with consequences that affect the past, present, and future. Something has gone horribly wrong. Children have begun missing. There is a sound, a sweet, beautiful, melodious sound that calls the children away in the night. A little girl hears it, faintly, for her ears are plugged. But even that faint sound is enough to fill her with longing to join it. Tears stream down her face as she hears the pipes calling to her, but she cannot follow them. When she gets up the next morning, the other children are gone.

Who is this Pied Piper? What does he want with the children? One person knows the answer, and this one person has sworn to protect his children, children that are lost. Now, if Peter Pan wants to defeat this enemy, he must rely on the Caretaker. And so he sends his little girl, letting her fly to England to find the Caretaker of the Imaginarium Geographica. The girl arrives to find John, Jack, and Charles, only to tell them that she is looking for somebody else, another Caretaker who swore to never again return to the Archipelago of Dreams. John, Jack, and Charles must recruit this other Caretaker and plunge themselves into the thick of danger yet again if they hope to save the children, and Peter Pan.

Ok, if a book has Peter Pan in it, it's guaranteed I will love it. And yes, I love this book! I would even say it is better than its predecessor. If you know a lot about literature and you love fantasy, then this series is a MUST!