Friday, May 15, 2015

Answers to Gospel Questions Vol. 4

Volume Four of the Answers to Gospel Questions series continues to look at answers from the scriptures for questions submitted to Joseph Fielding Smith. A lot of the questions I already knew the answers to, but it was still interesting to read President Smith's responses.

My favorite part of this book was a comment that the author made about divorce on page 200: "There never will be a divorce among those married in the temple if both of the parties, husband and wife, are living their religion; they will never separate. How can they if they keep the commandments of the Lord?"

In some of his responses, President Smith seems to express frustration that the inquisitor did not take the time to study the scriptures to find the answers on their own. He emphasizes that if we desire exaltation in the life to come, we need to put forth more of an effort now to diligently apply ourselves to study and learning.


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